Building Sortable Admin Settings for Your WordPress Theme

Creating sortable drag & drop admin interfaces is a handy feature that gives the user an intuitive level of control over the appearance of there website. In this tutorial, we will go over how to create a sortable list using jQuery UI, and then save the list order using WordPress’s Settings API. And lastly, how …Read More

4 Ways To Stay Inspired As a Freelancer In A Creative Field

Working for yourself is satisfying, but it can become extremely overwhelming very quickly. If you don’t have a solid plan in place from the start, it is easy to run out of steam for projects that demand a high amount of creative energy. For me, the trickiest part about working in a creative field is …Read More

How To Gracefully Transition From WordPress.com to WordPress.org

Recently, I completed a fairly complex project that involved transferring a client’s wordpress.com site to a self-hosted wordpress.org site. This client runs a popular blog with thousands of loyal followers, so making the switch needed to be as seamless as possible. The client also needed to move their current subscribers to the new site, as …Read More

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